6 Things You Should Know Before Jetpacking

Water Jetpack Donut Turns1) It’s easier than you think!

Don’t psych yourself out! Most people are nervous when they walk into our office; so you’re not alone!  We understand the jetpack can be kind of scary for some, since there isn’t anything out there to compare it to!  We make sure all of our first time pilots are fully trained before sending them out into the water. At Jetpack America, delivering excellent customer service is our main goal, and making sure you are calm and ready before your jet ski jetpack flight most definitely falls into that category! 

The key to flying the jetpack successfully is confidence.  If you are confident that you will fly, then it will happen! Confidence usually goes hand-in-hand with tranquility.  If you are confident, then you will be relaxed, and the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to fly the jetpack smoothly!  By the time you are done with your in-office training, you will feel more confident than ever to get up and flying!

2) Don’t forget your swim suit!  YOU WILL GET WET

It might sound crazy, but some people are completely shocked that they will get wet during their flight!  Right off the bat, we strap you into the jetpack and then have you jump off the boat into the water.  The jetpack is buoyant, so don’t worry, you will not sink!  You can rent a wetsuit for $5 in our office if you are afraid of the water being too cold.

Pro tip: if you like us on social media in the office, we’ll hand it out for free.


3) You don’t need to be an excellent swimmer

As long as you can pass our “swim test”, you can fly the jetpack!  Sounds a little counter-intuitive right?  Well, passing our “swim test” just means that you can lay on your stomach in the water with the jetpack on, and bicycle kick your legs underneath you to get back upright.  Once you show us that you can get upright by yourself, you pass!

4) Age doesn’t
really matter

We can fly people from age 5 to 85!  We’ve even flown paraplegics too!  Once again, if you are confident that you can fly the jetpack, then you will!  For ages 5 to 15 we have a tandem flight option where you will be strapped to an instructor and our professional will do all the work!  For 16+ you have the ability to fly on your own!  Our instructor will talk to you during the entire duration of your flight through a walkie-talkie helmet. This ensures that your technique is continuously improving.  However, there are some restrictions.  For tandem flights, you must be over 30lbs and under 100lbs.  You also must be under 5’7″. For solo flights, the minimum weight is 100lbs while the maximum is 350lbs.

5) Reservations are required

Jetpack America is one of the only companies on the west coast that offers recreational water sport jetpack lessons. So our books fill up fast! We require reservations made in advance, with payment taken in full the day you make your reservation.  We do have a 48-hour cancellation policy.  So if you start to feel under the weather or something else comes up, please contact us 48 hours prior to your appointment date. We’ll be happy to reschedule or refund you.  Otherwise, there is a $100 cancellation/rescheduling fee.

6) Don’t think your friends will believe you?! We’ve got you covered

want to show all your friends and family that you had the courage to fly the world’s first water propelled jetpack?!  We want you to show off too! We have several video options that you can choose from in our office.  We’ll strap our GoPro’s to the jetpack and even have an employee follow you around on a jetski with another GoPro.  This ensures we catch every angle of your awesome flight!!  Your friends WILL be jealous! Check
out an example of our Premium Video to see what it’s like for
a true first-timer! 

See you in the sky!

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