5 Tips for Your First Flight


Booked your first jetpack flight and don’t know what to expect? Here are 5 tips from the pros to help you get a head start!



  1. 1. Stay calm

Your Jetpack America experience is designed to be as stress-free as possible, so try to stay calm during your flight and focus on the directions you’re
getting from your instructor. Staying calm will have the residual effect of keeping a loose grip on the jetpack’s control arms, which gives you more
stability during your flight.


  1. 2. Pay attention to training

Jetpack America provides about 1 hour’s worth of training to all first-time fliers. During the training, you’ll learn about how the jetpack works, what
a first-time flight looks like, and how to avoid some of the most common errors made by first-time pilots. By paying close attention to the training,
you’ll have a better idea of what to do when you’re out on the water!

  2. 3. Remember to breathe

Many first time pilots tend to hold their breath when they’re in the jetpack. Doing this can sometimes lead to shortness of breath or feelings of anxiety
in pilots, so try to make a conscious effort to breathe while you’re in the pack! Reminding yourself to breathe will encourage senses of calmness and
control during your first flight.

  2. 4. Small, quick movements

As you will learn in training, one of the most important rules for operating the jetpack is to keep your movements very small. When you’re operating the
control arms, think of an “arms up” or “arms down” command as a 1-centimeter movement. Many first time pilots tend to equate “small” with “slow,” but
this is not the case! The key to mastering the jetpack comes from small, quick movements of the control arms.

  2. 5. Have fun!

Your enjoyment is our top priority (along with safety, of course)! We want you to have fun while you’re flying with Jetpack America. After all, when else
can you say you’ve flown a jetpack?


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