5 Safety Features of the Jetpack Flight

A little nervous about your first ocean jetpack flight? Here are 5 jetpack safety features to ease your mind!

  • 1. Life vest

For those of you worried about your swimming skills, we will provide you with a life vest before you are even strapped into the jetpack. That way you have
something to help keep you afloat while strapped into the jetpack. Also, this helps you stay afloat in the event that you have to unstrap from the
jetpack. Don’t worry; we won’t let you drown on us!

  • 2. Walkie-talkie helmet
  • Another thing that we give you before we strap you in is a walkie-talkie helmet. The helmet is connected to a walkie-talkie that the instructor will
    have on the Jet Ski. This allows the instructor to give you tips and pointers whenever necessary and explain anything that needs to be fixed as
    well as give directions for maneuvers during the flight.
  • 3. 5-point safety harness
  • Now you are finally strapped into the jetpack and ready to get going! But don’t you worry; there is a quick and easy way to get out of it in case of
    an emergency. Depending on the model, you will either twist the lever to the left or right or pull the level to release the straps. Once you do
    that, you can safely swim away from the jetpack because you will also be wearing your handy-dandy life vest!
  • 4. Remote control throttle
  • To make it easier and less nerve-wracking for you, all of you have to worry about is your flying during your flight. We do this by controlling the
    throttle remotely using the Jet Ski. On the Jet Ski we have a highly trained instructor who will determine how much throttle, or power, you will
    have during your flight. The instructor will also be the one who decides when and if the power needs to be cut in the event that you are doing
    something unsafe or about to enter a dangerous situation.
  • 5. Buoyant jetpack
  • The jetpack itself is buoyant, so it will float on its own. This helps to keep you at the surface, as well as to keep the jetpack from sinking in the
    event that you have to use the 5-point safety harness to unstrap from the jetpack. This also means that if you crash, the jetpack will automatically
    rise to the surface. So don’t you worry about being weighed down by it!
  • Now that you’re more informed of some safety features we have for your flight, there’s nothing to hold you back from coming down to one of our locations
    and flying with us! 
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