5 New Extreme Board Sports for 2016













2016 is the year of extreme – traditional board sports are becoming bored sports. The 

millennials want new water sports that ensure a gut wrenching, heart pounding thrill that fuels our energy drink saturated blood. Let’s take a look at what the future holds for all you board sport extreme-enthusiasts out there.

  • One of the fastest and most impressive new board sports in the world. Fueled by 180+ horsepower Jetskis, you can reach heights of 50 feet, explore
    underwater, do spins, backflips, frontflips, etc. The list of tricks are growing daily as board sport pros transfer their current skills in to
    the world of HydroFlight. Cost per 20-minute ride: $99-179

  • Wake skating meets surfing in this unbelievably fun up and coming sport. There’s a few different machines involved. There is the barreling wave, and
    the standard sheet of flowrider. First timers are sent over to the Flowrider to learn the basics. Once you’ve mastered that, take a stab at the
    10ft barreling wave…Prepare for some bumps and bruises. Worth it? You bet. Price tag: $30 per hour

  • Surfing mixed with snowboarding, but instead you have 1,000 gallons of water per minute propelling you through the air. But watch out, if those bindings
    come loose, you now have a 30lb object darting through the air. Wear your helmets kids! Cost per ride $99 – $179

  • Is rocketing towards the earth not thrilling enough for you? Good. Strap a board to your feet and surf the sky’s while falling at 120mph.

    Once you are a certified skydiver, the cost is approximately $200.


  • Not for the faint of heart – sliding down 750 meters of volcanic ash at break neck speeds should fill your thrill. Cost per ride $28 (plus travel)





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