3 Flight Centers; 3 Descriptions

As you may have figured out already by scoping out our website, we have three locations on the West coast where you can come and learn how to fly the Jetpack.
Each Flight Center and 

jetpack experience is very different, but you will receive the same training at each location.



What to expect when you pull up to the Newport Beach Flight Center


  Our free underground parking structure is off of 28th street (our office is off 26th). When you travel south down Newport
Blvd, you’ll make a left after the McDonalds (28th street), go straight through the light, and then make an immediate right turn into the
underground structure. Park all the way at the end and come up the staircase. Once at the top, which will be 26th street, you’ll make a
right and you’ll see huge window decals of people Jetpacking. Our front door does say “West Coast Yachts” on the front, because we share our office,
but once you walk inside our friendly Jetpack staff will immediately greet you. You’ll sign-in and then take a seat on one of our comfy couches, where
your training will begin.  If you are interested in paddle boarding, we also do rentals right out of our office that you could do after jetpacking!


What to expect when you pull up to the San Diego Flight Center


  Our office is located right next to Mission Bay Sportscenter, right off of Mission Blvd and Santa Clara Pl. You’ll park your car and walk to
the front of our office. You’ll most likely see people jet ski water jetpacking already off the beach that’s located right in front of our office.
Once you walk inside, you’ll be greeted by our staff behind the counter, and they will show you were to sit for your training. In San Diego, you have
to choice to either learn how to fly the Jetpack or the Jetblade!


What to expect when you pull up to the Las Vegas Flight Center


  The Las Vegas location is actually 30 minutes off the strip in Pahrump. The drive is actually quite beautiful as you travel through the Red
Rock hills. You’ll see a huge Jetpack billboard as you come down the main drag, and you’ll make a right into the Spring Motorsports Entrance. The 8
acre lake is located to the right, where you might see people already jetpacking before you. There’s a couch area with a large flat screen TV, where
you will go through your training, before heading out into the water. We are also in the process of building a lake-side Tiki Bar so your guests will
have a fun place to hang out while you Jetpack! It’ll be a great place for you to wind down and grab a bite to eat afterwards as well.  Paddle
board rentals also available at this location!




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