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The Jetpack America Hydroflight Training Academy in San Diego, CA is the world’s top jetpack and jetboard training facility, where recreational users, rental operators and powersports dealers from around the world have come to learn everything there is to know about the fast-growing sport of hydroflight. 

Hydroflight Training Academy Courses


For recreational jetpack and jetboard users, we recommend this half-day course, which will provide you with the fundamentals of flight on the device of your choice (jetpack, jetboard, jetbike), teach you the key to safely flying friends and family and give you a good understanding of setup, breakdown and basic maintenance for keep you equipment running well for years to come.

COST (Jetpack/Jetboard - Half-Day): $750 per person (add a second person for $500)


For rental operators and powersports dealer staff, this intensive one-day course will provide you with the essentials to open your own hydroflight rental center or become well-versed in all of the equipment to drive more sales at your dealership. It focuses on the fundamentals of flight, safety protocols for flying paying customers, emergency situation handling and basic setup and maintenance on all equipment. To be certified on both the jetpack and the jetboard, an additional day of training is required. Upon completion of the course, you will receive your CFI/DC certification, which is required by all major insurance companies before they will issue policy coverage.

COST (Jetpack OR Jetboard - One Day): $1500 per person (add a second person for $750)

COST (Jetpack AND Jetboard - Two Days): $2500 per person (add a second person for $1250)

Powersports Dealers: Be sure to ask about our discounts for your staff based on your sales numbers.


For commercial operators who expect to run multiple units or hire additional staff, the multi-day Master Instructor course is the most cost-effective way to do so, due to the fact that the Master Instructor certification allows you to train and certify your own Certified Flight Instructors, which will save you money as your business grows. In addition to the CFI concepts mentioned above, the Master Instructor course provides thorough training on "Pilot From Hell" behavior that must be learned in order to certify other instructors, covers all aspects of running a hydroflight rental center (scheduling, marketing, photo/video process, social media, etc.) and progresses into more advanced demo flying techniques, such as helicopter spins, corkscrews, jet ski landings, backflips, etc.

COST (Jetpack OR Jetboard - Three Days): $3000 per person (add a second person for $1500)

COST (Jetpack AND Jetboard - Four Days): $4000 per person (add a second person for $2000)

Advanced Training

Fly where the pros fly! For experienced pilots looking to use the lake facility for training and get expert instruction from the Jetpack America staff, Lake Spring Mountain is available for use throughout the year, which is great for anyone looking to escape the cold during the winter to continue training. You are welcome to bring your own equipment or utilize the equipment we have on-site.

COST (Jetpack OR Jetboard - Half-Day): $1500 per person

COST (Jetpack OR Jetboard - Full-Day): $2000 per person


“Lake Spring Mountain is, hands down, the best hydroflight training facility in the world! It literally has everything you could possibly need right at your fingertips. And the fact that it’s right down the road from Vegas makes it the perfect three-day weekend training and vacation weekend!”
Bruce Black
Owner - Jetpack Vietnam
"When I bought the FlyDive X-Board, I wanted to make sure I knew everything about how to fly my family safely, so the Certified Pilot course was a no-brainer for me. Thankfully, the instructors were very patient with me and they answered my thousand questions, but when I left I felt confident in how to set everything up, how to safely fly others and they even had me dolphin diving and doing spins by the end of the half-day session.”
Brian Troop
Private Owner from Simi Valley, CA
"After doing a ton of research on the hydroflight industry and deciding to sell my roofing business to open a jetpack rental center, Jetpack America was the clear choice for me, since they were one of the first rental operators in the world, so they have a wealth of experience and knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else. And the facility at Spring Mountain can’t be beat. From the lake to the condos to the tiki bar, there’s really no reason to even leave the property. When you leave, you’ll have all the info you need to open a profitable rental center. Can’t recommend this place highly enough!”
Kevin Smith
Owner – Jetpack Branson

Need another reason to fly with us? Just check out Hydro-Fest, the world’s first jetpack, jetboard and jetbike competition held at Lake Spring Mountain in June 2016!


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