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March 2017!!!


Jetpack America - San Diego is located on one of the most famous boating waterways in the world, Mission Bay. Offering space for just about every water-sport under the sun, Mission Bay now joins a select few locations that can say they offer jetpack flights on their waters. Located at the Mission Bay Sportcenter on Santa Clara Point, Jetpack America's office space is literally surrounded by water on three sides, with bay-side vacation properties lining the beaches across the water and a multitude of activities at your fingertips, from paddleboarding to jet skis to sailboats to catamarans.



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Jetpack America - Las Vegas introduces thrill-seekers to the world's first jetpack oasis. Lake Spring Mountain is our brand new, 5-acre freshwater lake located at the Spring Mountain Motor-sports Resort & Country Club in Pahrump, just 50 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. What better way to escape the desert heat than with a cool and refreshing dive into the lake followed by blasting through the surface of the water, only to hover 30 feet above the world around you? Your loved ones can cheer you on from one of the beach-side cabanas or they can get a front-row seat by renting one of our Riviera stand-up paddle boards so they can join you out on the water.



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