Two jet pack pilots flying for a crowdJETPACK AMERICA CAREERS AND INTERNSHIPS


Jetpack America is fast-growing organization with multiple locations and a fun, energetic work environment, so we're always looking for qualified people with a passion for life, but also a strong work ethic and dedication to customer service.


What we look for in our employees and interns:

- A love of adventure and willingness to try new things

- The desire to share our unique experience with the world

- The ability to work well with others in a team atmosphere

- A genuine concern for the customer

- An outgoing personality that works well in a sales environment


All of our employees start off in our Jetpack Flight Instructor Assistant position and then have the ability to work into larger roles from there. Everyone is cross-trained on in-the-office and on-the-water roles, so there is a complete understanding of the business. As the company grows, more specific roles (marketing, accounting, training, sales, etc.) will become available.


If you'd like to be considered for a part-time, full-time or internship position, please contact us.