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The dream of jetpack flight is now a reality and people around the world are eager to give the sport of jet packing a try, so why not be the one to give them that chance? Our all-new water jet packs are the perfect addition to any existing watersports business, resort, charter yacht or amusement park. Or you can create a standalone flight center. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering this amazing new activity!


Jetpack America is the world’s only jetpack flight center operator, sales agency and instructor training academy, which means we are your one-stop shop for all things jetpack. Our experience in the industry speaks for itself:

  • 5 years of flight center experience (we opened the third flight center in the world)
  • 25,000 first-time flights
  • 3 Jetpack America-operated flight center locations and 20+ commercial jetpack operator clients
  • More than 100 Certified Flight Instructors trained in our Jetpack Training Academy
  • Hundreds of 5-star customer reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook
  • 100+ local, national and international news stories, including our world-record jetpack flight, the world’s first jetpack wedding and countless celebrity flights

You can rest assured when you fly with Jetpack America, you’re flying with the best and when you work with Jetpack America, you’ll benefit from our second-to-none industry knowledge and experience.


With an average rate of $150 per flight and 2 flights per hour over an 8 hour day, revenue forecasts are $2400/day. With just 150 operating days per year, this translates to $360,000 in annual revenue!

These estimates are based on a single jetpack unit and do not include the additional revenue from videos, photos, apparel, etc. With photo and video packages ranging from $50-$150, it is very feasible to bring in an additional $100,000 to $200,000 in revenue.

As additional units are added, the income potential grows dramatically, especially when considering company outings, special event demos, personal flight training, beach advertising, film, television and commercial appearances!

Like any business, much of the success is determined by geography and being the first to market in the area, so get on board now and help your customers’ jetpack dreams come true!

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Starting a business venture is never easy, especially in a new and rapidly-changing industry, so we have created a simple, step-by-step process to take you from novice to jetpack flight center operator as quickly as possible.

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