As we’ve stated, there is a lot more to opening a jet pack flight center than buying the equipment and getting your instructor certification. Our “Business in a Box” program eliminates the guesswork and delivers all of the necessary equipment and accessories to your doorstep, allowing you to focus your attention on setting up your operation quickly and efficiently.

Since opening in 2011, we’ve refined our operating process, upgraded our video and photo platforms, streamlined our customer training programs, revamped our marketing strategies and improved just about every aspect of the jet pack flight center model, so you can implement our proven jet pack model to avoid “reinventing the wheel” with your operation.

Here are just a few of the extra products and services we offer exclusively to our clients:


  • Operational Checklists – Pre- and Post-Flight, Office Management, Packing Lists, etc.
  • Process Documents – Roles & Responsibilities, Training Scripts, etc.
  • Waiver Templates – Participant, Spectator, Minor, Tandem, etc.
  • Equipment Procedures – Weekly Maintenance Schedules, Spare Parts Recommendations, Photo/Video Setup Procedures, etc.


  • SkatTrak Dual Impellers – For any model jet ski to give improved height, speed and performance
  • GoPro Cameras and Accessories – To take the guesswork out of camera selection and provide all of the necessary mounts and cases
  • HeadZone Walkie-Talkie Helmets – Allowing real-time communication from the instructor to the pilot
  • Body Glove Wetsuits and Life Vests – Wetsuits for locations with variable water temperatures and USCG-approved life vests that meet all requirements
  • UK Pro Accessories – Great aftermarket GoPro accessories for on-water use


  • Video Editing – Upload your customer video files to our shared directory and let our professional editor cut the footage into a packaged 3-5 minute movie that’s perfect for sharing with friends and family
  • Social Media Assistance – Let us help you set up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts, then cross-promote them from our existing accounts to help build your fan base quickly
  • Marketing Materials – We can set you up with business cards, banners, flyers, customer and staff apparel, all at unbeatable prices
  • Media Consultation – Jetpacks are like celebrities, so let our Media Consultant bring the news agencies to you for advertising that money can’t buy
  • Promotional Video Creation – Our in-house team can create a kick-ass promo video that will wow your potential customers to draw them in
  • Systems Recommendations – Why guess which Scheduling, Phone/Voicemail, Time Reporting and Payroll systems to use when we can show you what works?


As an added benefit to help with your start-up costs, any items purchased up-front as part of the initial jetpack purchase will be eligible for an additional 15% off. Inquire for details.

When you join the Jetpack America family, you become part of one of the biggest jetpack networks in the world, so you can feel confident that you’re implementing the best practices, working with the best suppliers and providing the best jetpack flight experience to your customers.

All items above will be discussed during your on-site instructor training and you will receive the Business-in-a-Box Price List, which is exclusively for you as a Jetpack America commercial client to pick and choose the products and services that best suit you needs.

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