Our 20 Minute and 30 Minute Flight Packages allow you to learn the skills on the hydroflight device of your choice, the jetpack OR the jetboard.

20 Minutes $99-$129

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30 Minutes $139-$179

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Our 40 Minute and 60 Minute Combo Flight Packages give you a chance to fly BOTH of our awesome hydroflight devices, where you’ll get 20 or 30-minutes on the jetpack AND the jetboard.

40 Minutes $199-$259

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60 Minutes $269-$349

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Watch the Flight Overview Video to Help You Choose Your Flight Plan!

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What's Included in Jetpack and Jetboard Flight Packages:


  • Jetpack/Jetboard Training video to give you an overview of the water jetpack and jetboard technology and flight fundamentals
  • Overview of all safety procedures (our staff-to-pilot ratio and extensive training ensures a safe and fun experience for all participants)



  • 10 to 60 minutes of flying time (based on selected flight package)
  • Your flight time begins as you strap-in to the Jetboard or Jetpack. There is also a 1 minute "swim test" that is required before flying the Jetpack. This set-up time is vital to you becoming a proficient hydroflight pilot and can take up about 3 to 7 minutes of your flight time on your first flight.
  • Remote throttle control by the instructor
  • Guests are encouraged to come watch - please refer to our Location Maps for best viewing spots



  • Life vest is provided to all participants at no charge
  • Wetsuits available to rent for $5
  • High-Definition photo and video package available for purchase
  • Jetpack America t-shirts and hats


Cabana and Paddle Board Rentals

Book Cabanas and Paddle Boards through Lake Spring Mountain website HERE

Tandem Flight

Tandem jet pack flight in Newport Beach

We're excited to offer our  Tandem Jetpack Flight Experience, where children 5 to 13 years old and 35-100 lbs can strap-in with a Certified Flight Instructor and feel the exhilaration of jetpack flight.


•Co-pilots fly with their instructor and learn the fundamentals of jetpack flight.


•The co-pilots can fly up to 20 feet in the air with their instructor


•With your instructor you can walk on water, do donut turns, spin like a helicopter, dive like a dolphin and even get to control the jetpack while the instructor provides assistance!


10 Minutes - $129

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Jetpack & Jetboard Flights