Welcome AquaFlyboarding USA Customers, Friends and Fans!


We are excited to announce that Jetpack America has partnered with AquaFlyboarding USA and consolidated our operations to offer you the best flight experience possible. Jetpack America is proud to be one of the first flight center operators in the world, with tens of thousands of happy customers since 2011.

To learn what Jetpack America is all about, check out this short video.

Pre-Paid Flight Vouchers:

For Groupon purchasers, call 888-553-6471 and we will help you redeem your Groupon and get you scheduled. To view schedule availability and to learn more about the Jetpack America flight packages, click one of the location links above and click one of the "Book" buttons.

Experienced Flyers:

If you’ve flown with AquaFlyboarding USA before, just let us know in the booking notes how many flights you’ve had, so your instructor can adjust your flight lesson accordingly. No matter what, we’re going to work with you to ensure you have the best time when you’re flying with us!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email at info@jetpackamerica.com, call us at 888-553-6471 or use our Online Chat feature. We’re here to help!


We’re excited to have you join the Jetpack America family, so thank you again for stopping by!