October 2015

How To Spend a Day in Las Vegas

  Fly a Jetpack at Spring Mountain Jetpack America is all about giving people the experience they want! Kids can fly a jetpack by themselves at the age of 14 with a parent/guardian signature. Kids are never disappointed with flying a jetpack. Everyone goes through about an hour of training so it is the safe […]

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Advanced Maneuvers: Hovering

    Greetings Jetpack Pilots!   Are you ready to begin your first lesson? We sure are!   First things first, remember to always listen to your instructor while attempting any and all of these maneuvers. Their main concern is your safety, and we wouldn’t want anything to happen to you guys.   Okay, now

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Jetpacking is fun, safe, and easy!

Why everyone loves jetpacking: Jetpacking is not like anything else you have ever done before. There is a different kind of rush that shoots through your body while jetpacking. It’s not like any other adrenaline water sport or rush that you have ever experienced. Even going through your jetpack training is very exciting! Our employees

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