X-Board by Flydive: $3,995

•Easiest jet board to fly

•Features exclusive DRS Tech™

•Simple durable construction

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X-Jetblade Features:


  • Infinite-swivel hose connector, allowing for spins and advanced maneuvers without concern for hose kinks
  • Lengthened hose, providing a flight ceiling of 50+ feet
  • Redesigned Y-pipe, providing smooth water flow to the jets, virtually eliminating cavitation and engine strain
  • Adjustable stance width and angle, allowing for a comfortable fit for any size pilot
  • Compact flotation cells, which keep your feet afloat while in the water, so there is no risk of sinking
  • Strengthened U-pipe jet ski connector, allowing for quick attachment/detachment with no reduction in durability
  • Compatible with most Yamaha, Kawasaki, SeaDoo watercraft (Note: PWC is NOT included in purchase price)


Jetblade Kit by X-Jets:


(Includes Free Test/Training Flight with Purchase)


Purchase Price Includes:


•20-meter/66-foot hose (25-meter/82-foot hose available for additional charge)

•PWC Venturi Adapter (Please indicate Yamaha, Kawasaki or SeaDoo)

•Silicone Rubber U-Pipe

•Freestyle grab bars (in addition to stock connector bars)

•Free Test/Training Flight (at any Jetpack America facility)

Note: Boots/Bindings are not included in purchase price.


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X-Jets Jetblade Water Jet Pack System
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Jetblade Overview Video

Jetboard Boot Setup

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