X-Board by Flydive: $3,995

•Easiest jet board to fly

•Features exclusive DRS Tech™

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Dual 180 'Shotgun' U-pipe by X-Jets: $1410






Purchase Price Includes:
•U-pipe, compatible with x-jets hoses and 110mm standard hoses.


(*Available as an upgrade to any X-Jets package, replacing the standard u-pipe for only $150!)


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Dual 180 'Shotgun' Features:


  • Dual channel design produces more consistent power.
  • Results in the smoothest, most consistent water flow of any u-pipe!


Two channels-One result---More streamlined water flow with less mixing, turbulence!  The resulting cleaner power provides the best flying experience possible. X-Jet's new 2016 Dual 180 splits the water flow coming out of the PWC pump into two streams around the U bend. This minimizes the power robbing effects of air/water  intermixing that occurs with single channel u- pipes. Water is guided from the PWC, through the 180 degree turn toward the front of the ski, splits into two channels and seamlessly recombines the flow into a focused and directed blast. The ability to sculpt 3D surfaces into smooth water flowing channels gives the X-jets Shotgun 180 u-pipe unsurpassed quality. Tested by Hydro-fest 2016 Jetboard Champion,  Ben Merrell.

Dual 180 Shotgun U-Pipe Overview

U-Pipe Attachment to Hose and Venturi

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