X-Board by Flydive: $3,995

•Easiest jet board to fly

•Features exclusive DRS Tech™

•Simple durable construction

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Pro Bundle by X-Jets: $11,090

•Includes Jetpack and Jetboard

•Quick swap between Jetpack and


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X-Jetpack/Jetblade Combo Water Jetpack System

Now $9,990

Jetblade Kit by X-Jets: $2,795

•Jetblade with connectors

•Board only

•Available in complete kit

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Jetblade Kit by X-Jets: $5,995

•Jetblade, hose, u-pipe, connector

•Adjustable stance width and angle

•Compact flotation cells

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X-Jets Jetblade Water Jet Pack System

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Jetpack NX by X-Jets: $8,595

•Includes hose and connector

•Redesigned harness

•66 foot hose

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Now $7,495

Jetpack NX Solo by X-Jets: $4995

•Great Jetpack to add to your existing hydroflight set-up, if you already have hose and u-pipe.

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Now $3,895

Quick Nozzle by X-Jets: $495

•Rapidly swap between hydroflight  and normal PWC operation

•Easy installation

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'Shotgun' U-Pipe by X-Jets:$1410

•Smoother power

•Less mixing of water and air

•High flight altitudes

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Nose 360 Swivel by X-Jets: $750

•Relieves hose kinks

•Attaches to front of PWC and rotates freely

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