From first-timer flyer Mark H.:


All my life I've had the dream to fly a jetpack, since I was a kid watching Lost In Space and dreamed of someday having the experience. When I saw a video of Jetpack flying on You Tube I HAD to do this.


I'm about to turn 60 and as a present to myself , brought my workout buddy along and on a Friday morning we arrived, were well received by the friendly staff, learned some basics through a short description and a couple short videos then went out to the water....My friend flew first, 'got it' and within a few minutes was airborne, doing turns, hovering and smiling like a kid. I got to go second and had some trepidation about how well I'd do with no experience and within a few minutes, and expert instruction from the instructor via a radio link to your helmet, was airborne and flying around like I'd done it for some time.


While both of us are in pretty good shape for guys our age, it doesn't require strength, the control inputs are very subtle and with the instructor watching what you're doing and giving you tips over the radio, the learning curve is pretty quick and before it was time to land back near the dock, I'd flown dozens of circles around the bay, walked on water, hovered dozens of feet in the air, zoomed by the cameraman on a jet ski several times (get the video...they give you some extra minutes when you do and it's well worth it) and spent the last ten minutes just zipping around the bay from way up and overwhelmed by what an incredible experience I was having. I'll put in several pics to let you see what we did in the first half hour of flying the Jetpack.


I saw another review that said his experience was a ripoff, with a flight time of 'barely ten minutes'....You get at least 15 and with the video ordered we had something just short of 30 minutes. The groupon coupons made it very clear that the flight time was at least 15 minutes, and that the extra time quoted was instruction, which was the case when we went there. The customer service was amazing, they saw our enthusiasm and we could see they enjoyed what they were doing and made every effort to make us feel great, and even threw in a free T shirt that we didn't even ask for.


I just can't say enough except that it's definitely not the last time I'm going, I ordered more time for a flight in a couple weeks and plan to come back many times and acquire the skills (and control the throttle, which you get to do once you show you have the basics down on your first flight...they set it remotely so you can learn quickly without having to deal with three things and just two) to continue to learn new skills and do more things like takeoffs from the beach, spins, and more. Best birthday present I ever gave myself. You'll love it. Just DO it."


And Mark's follow-up review after his second flight:

"Man, I gotta tell ya! While the first flight was absolutely amazing and something I'd wanted to do all my life, the second, well, beat that one! After you get your first flight under your belt (the crew there controls the throttle on the first one via radio so you can get used to the controls, turning, climbing and diving, etc) the second one is not to be believed. The crew there told me that; come back and you'll really like being completely at the controls, and they were right! You begin to learn to blend the climbing with a mix of the pitch controls and throttle and give a little throttle as you turn in order to make them smoother and keep your altitude. A lot more time in the air and less in the water, and a feeling that just can't be described. If you've haven't had a flight, come get one. If you have, absolutely come back for a second, you'll be happy you did. Frankly, I"m hooked and want to keep adding skills and learning as much as I can. The crew there is amazing, friendly, professional and encouraging and made the experience even better than I could imagine. It's worth every penny and plan a lot more flights.... "


From Neil Katz, one of our most avid flyers:

“Thank you for such an amazing experience. You guys were fantastic. Everyone was so nice. Everybody was so professional. What was so cool is that your instructors seemed to be having as much fun as we did. You made flying easy. What an absolutely exhilarating experience!!


Jessica Gottlieb said “Jetpacking is the most fun you can have with your clothes on”. She is almost right. I would say that jetpacking is the most fun you can have with some of your clothes on (a bathing suit, wet suit or a dry suit)!!  From the moment we arrived, your staff put us at ease. They were incredibly skilled. They were excellent. They made the entire event fun, from start to finish. We arrived with excitement and anticipation. We left exhilarated. We asked ourselves, how soon can we do this again?


Your staff started us out with a brief video, and then some instructions on the beach. Within a few minutes, we were harnessed and up flying. Wow. It was great. What a sensation!! We felt safe and secure the entire time. It was almost as much fun watching each other as flying ourselves – almost as much fun! You and your staff should be congratulated on bringing a wonderful new activity to Southern California."


From first-time flyer, Philip Kudrle:

“If you are one for adventure and thrills, this is it!! I have tried a lot of things being the adrenaline seeker I am and this is up there with the best of them. The great thing about Jetpack America is, it’s like nothing else you have ever done. There is really nothing you can compare it to. It was definitely an awesome experience and I can’t wait to get up and flying again soon…”


From Danish study-abroad student, Anne Sorenson:

“I had the pleasure of trying your awesome jetpack in Newport Beach, CA a few weeks back. It is the most fun I have had in a long time and I have already made sure to spread the word all I can, as I have rarely ever had such a good experience and part of this good experience was your very kind crew. Huge applause and thumbs up from here!”


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