As with most businesses, your location is extremely important, but when it comes to a hydroflight business, there are a lot more considerations beyond a traditional business.


You will need to consider the following before you select your flight location:

  • Water depth (we recommend at least 6 feet)
  • Water current and waves (you will need a protected area, such as a bay or harbor - you do NOT want to operate in the open ocean)
  • Legal requirements (will the local governing body permit you to operate in this area?)
  • Distance from target customers (what large cities are nearby? resorts? other water activities?)
  • Proximity to pick-up/drop-off area (how will you get your customers to and from your flight area?)
  • Visibility from shore (this is important, but much less than people think - walk-up business will be a smaller slice than you think)


Until you have identified a suitable flight location, you should not proceed to the next step in the process. For consideration, you will need to provide photos and Google Earth images of the flight location.



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