The road to business success is paved with hard work and careful planning.


Our Sample Jetpack Operator Proforma is the perfect tool to help you model your operation to determine the financial viability of your proposed operation. Most people underestimate or simply are unaware of the various costs that go into setting up and running a commercial operation, so this tool will prevent you from overlooking critical items that will affect your bottom line.


If you received a score of 70 or higher on your Commercial Hydroflight Operator Questionnaire, our staff will send you the Proforma, which is pre-populated with typical numbers from operators around the world. You can use these numbers as your starting point, then adjust up or down as necessary (for example, if your season is only four months, but you'll be able to operate 9 hours per day, you can make those adjustments).


The Sample Jetpack Operator Proforma is set up to be very user-friendly and easy to populate, but if you have any questions about the numbers, how to fill it out or how to interpret the results, our Jetpack America staff is available to assist.


Once you've confirmed the financial viability of your new business, you are ready to get into some of the real fun, which is deciding on which equipment will be best for your operation.



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