Now that you've chosen a viable flight location for your new hydroflight operation, you are ready to proceed to the next step, which is providing some preliminary information about your operation, business experience, financing, competition, equipment needs, etc.


The Jetpack America Commercial Hydroflight Operator Questionnaire (CHOQ) is designed to be a straightforward, easy-to-complete form, which will give our staff an opportunity to


Upon completion of the questionnaire, please contact us.


When our staff receives your completed questionnaire, it will be reviewed and returned to you within three business days with a score of 1 to 100, where the higher the score, the higher the likelihood of success (Please note: This score is a guideline and in no way guarantees success).


If you receive a score of 70 or higher, you will be provided with our Sample Jetpack Operator Proforma, which you can use to evaluate the financial results from your proposed operation. If your score falls below 70, we can make recommendations on how to improve your score or refer you to some of our partner businesses who may be able to assist with your opening.






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