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    Tandem Jetpack Experience  – 10 minutes of flight time with a Certified Flight Instructor. 

    Jetpack Flight Experience  – 25 minutes of time flying a jetpack. 

    Introductory Flight Experience  - 15 minutes of time flying a jetpack. 

    Rockstar Flight Experience - 40 minutes of flight time (split into two 20-minute flights). 

    Superhero Flight Experience  - 6 0 minutes of flight time (split into two 30-minute flights), Premium Video, Jetpack America T-shirt and Hat. 

    Video Packages – Our Premium Video Package includes three camera angles (one camera filming from shore or our support jet ski, one attached to the shoulder of the jet ski to give an over-the-shoulder/first-person viewpoint and one on the handle to capture all of your facial expressions as you fly). Our Standard Video Package includes the one primary camera from shore or our support jet ski. Both are edited to your choice of music and both are eligible to earn a FREE 20-minute return flight , if you get just 100 views of your flying water jet pack video on YouTube.  

    Hi-Res Photo Package - Our 50x zoom hi-res camera will capture up to 75 close-up and long-range shots of your jetpack flight experience, which will be perfect for uploading to your favorite social media channels or emailing to your friends.

    Please Note: No outside camera phones or GoPros allowed. 


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