Hydro Fest 2016 at Jetpack America Las Vegas

Date: 10-Jun-2016
Capacity: Not Set




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The fast exploding world of hydroflight will come together at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club just outside Las Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada on June 10-12, 2016. The hydroflight industry is defined by jetpack, jetboard and jetbike devices, which connect to personal watercraft (PWC) to propel riders up to 50 feet in the air, allowing professionals to perform such maneuvers as dolphin dives, corkscrews and backflips. This exciting new watersport is also accessible to the general public, where young and old can participate at every skill level. Theprinciple is the same for all its various forms, with a long hose attached to a high-powered PWC that pumps up to 1000 gallons of water per minute up the hose to the hydroflight unit where it’s redirected downward from nozzles to propel the pilot/rider into the air.


Hydro-Fest 2016 will be the first industry-wide event to bring together all aspects of the fastgrowing hydroflight industry, which since its birth in 2011 has become one of the fastest growing recreational sports segments in the world with private and commercial operators flying on every major continent. Here in the United States, the sport is now seen at beaches and lakes across the country. California, Texas and Florida are hydroflight hotbeds. In the rest of North America, the sport’s popularity has exploded from Canada to the island nations of the Caribbean to the shores of Central and South America. In Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the sport is growing just as fast.


Hydroflight is: Water-Jetpacking, Jetboarding and Jetbiking. Hydro-Fest 2016 will bring together the amazing talents of the best hydroflight athletes in the world of jetboarding, jetpacking and jetbiking for a single event. The weekend will be a hybrid of sport, competition, festival, music and fun for all. This event will have something for everybody from kids to seniors, singles to families. Whether you come to watch the amazing feats of hydro flyers 50-feet above the water or enjoy the festival fun, all attendees are guaranteed to have a blast and come away with increased interest and respect for this amazing new sport.



The event will be staged Lake Spring Mountain, a 4.5-acre state-of-the-art freshwater lake and home to Jetpack America-Las Vegas, located at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club in Pahrump, NV. The lake is a short drive from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. The facility’s newly opened aquatic center will be the hub of activities. Hydroflight events throughout the weekend will take place off the aquatic center dock with fantastic vantage points around the entire lake.



Hydro-Fest 2016 will feature a variety of other activities beyond the hydroflight demos and competitions. Visitors to the weekend long event will be able to take a few “hot laps” at the world class racetrack adjacent to the lake with professional drivers in race-ready Corvette Stingrays. They can also work out their need for speed with Go-Cart Racing, Auto-Cross Courses and Lead/Follow instruction around the course. More water and beach related fun like slack lines, beach volleyball and paddleboards with also be available for attendees. After the sun goes down, a lakeside nighttime concert with be the highlight the weekend’s entertainment offerings. Thanks to coordination with Nevada’s top radio stations, some of today’s top recording artists will be on-hand to provide the musical backdrop for an amazing event on the water.



Hydro-Fest 2016 will be an International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) sanctioned event bringing the top hydroflight athletes from around the country and the world, representing the major manufacturers and brands in the industry, all of whom are defining the future of this rapidly-evolving industry. As this new sport grows, public interest in it is also increasing, making this a perfect event to draw in a large spectator base, consisting of avid participants as well as individuals who are interested in seeing this sport live and in-person. Hydro-Fest 2016 is looking for businesses that are interested in teaming up with the hydroflight industry leader Jetpack America and the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and County Club to help stage, promote and market the event. We’re seeking partners and companies that want to get their products, services and brand in front of this very desirable audience, which will consist primarily of the 18-34 year old demographic. The event will be heavily promoted on social media and mainstream media channels. Giveaways and contests will help build the anticipation for the event, ensuring strong attendance each day.



Pahrump Nugget and Casino - Hydro-Fest Room Specials starting at $59

- Approximately 5 miles from Jetpack America/Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort


Holiday Inn Express Pahrump - 10% Discount (mention Hydro-Fest when booking) 

- Approximately 5 miles from Jetpack America/Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort


Silverton Casino (Las Vegas) - Jetpack America Room/Flight/Food Package

- Approximately 48 miles from Jetpack America/Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort


Spring Mountain Motorsports Condos - Limited capacity available for manufacturers and sponsors

- On-site




As part of the Hydro-Fest 2016 event and activities, the newly-formed World Hydroflight Association will hold its first official meeting on Thursday, June 9th, which will be open to hydroflight manufacturers, rental center operators, riders and others in the industry. The goal of the meeting will be to encourage collaboration on industry-wide items such as insurance, equipment standards, competition formats, flight training protocols, safety requirements, etc. 



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